Friday, 19 October 2012

Carmaggedon IOS Review: Blood and Thunder (and guts too)

I've been a relatively keen IOS gamer since I got my iPad 2 back in January. Whilst I don't think it can replace my console (but it might do one day, that's a whole other issue) I do think that there are a lot of seriously good games on it. The thing is though I realised that I've never reviewed one which I thought was odd.

So I searched the App Store recently for new games and I saw Carmaggedon, its a remake of the original, which I have never played (or even heard of, sorry), and sounded pretty cool. In a nutshell it's a racing game where you are rewarded for causing havoc as well as finishing in first place. Encouraging running people down? Not enough racers do this, I had to try it.

As soon as I booted it up I knew I was going to like it, the game looks old school which I love but its also apparent that there has been some tweaking and some thought put into it. You have a break and reverse pedal and a handbrake on the right side of the screen and there are buttons to turn left and right on the left side of the screen. They are actually pretty decent for touch buttons and the cars are quite easy to control. Obviously it's not as easy as using a controller but that's a fairly mute point because there is no controller.

There are also some gesture based actions, which make doing certain things quick and easy. For example, if you want to go into replay mode, where you can watch footage of the race and even share that footage with other people then you can do so quickly, whilst in game and without having to press pause and search for replay on the menu, by swiping left on the screen. This isn't exactly a new idea I know but there are still far too many touch based games that don't do simple things like this and it bugs me because it makes life so much easier and it just makes sense.

In terms of more technical things like graphics and sound it is clear that this started life as a much older game and because of that there are far better looking and sounding games on the App Store but the game still has a charm to it in terms of sound and visuals, much in the same way that other old games such as Doom do. There is also a cool image of you in the top left of the screen (your driver, not literally you) so that you can see how he reacts to your at times rather insane driving. It's a fairly pointless touch but its an amusing one that adds to the fun that is prevalent throughout this game.

All in all the game is pretty fun, it doesn't offer as much depth as certain other racers can but its great fun to just jump in and cause some car based chaos. It was free when I got it because of a promotion that was running on the day it released but its only going to cost a few quid now anyway so there's hardly much of a reason not to pick this one up. Unless you hate cars. And fun.

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