Thursday, 11 October 2012

Gaming Madness

A little while ago I wrote a post about how I played my games and said that I didn't really do a whole lot other than the main missions and once I'd completed them that was usually that. Alan is the polar opposite of me, he likes to get his money's worth pursuing a number of both in game and made up achievements and goals. Here is a list that I've compiled of his most insane moments.


On the PS3 version:

1 million gold.

Completed it, lost his save, completed it again.

He collects everything, no matter how useless, organises into his chests in his house and then sells what he doesn't want..

He owns all of the houses.

He has become the Theign in every hold.

He got his smithing from 1 to 100 in two hours

Finished the Thalmor embassy mission and walker back to the Solitude stables over encumbered.

He does dungeons over encumbered.

He has full Dragonbone armour sets for each of his houscarls.

He has completed all of the guild missions.

He bought the game a second time (this time on PC) so he could mod it.

He has over 40 mods

He hand typed all of the perks into the command console

MGS Peace Walker:

He S ranked all main missions

He got the tangeshima rifle and sling post

109 co op s ranked

All items

All outfits

He is working for third level of all weapons and ranks

He has almost all of the guns

Darkness 2:

He finished twice on the day he bought it as well as doing the most of the co-op by himself.

He has all of the talents and relics.


He finished both two and three in under four days.

World of Warcraft:

He has 25 characters

3 of them are level 85 and 1 is level 84

His main realm has each character as a specific bank

He filled all of his slots with Frostweave by attacking, not buying, before Wrath of Lich King came out.

He has tons of stock


He has most of the emblems

He did it 19 times in one month, across all difficulties,

He achieved 100% stealth with no camo.

Dante's Inferno:

He added to the IGN guide, even listing button prompts for qte.


He killed Volgin and The Boss with a handkerchief.

Red Dead:

Aiming for all golds

He can do Pike's Basin in under 5 minutes.

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