Monday, 1 October 2012

Minecraft Monday: Survival 2

Last week on Minecraft I played for three in game days and built a basic house with a bed, furnace and craft table and made some tools and weapons from stone. This week I played for three more days and developed my house further.

On day one I went out hunting cows to get some meat and then as night fell I began to dig my tunnel from my house to a nearby mine I had seen. I went down a few blocks before making a long corridor, at the end of the corridor I went up to make an emergency exit and then dug down until I found the mine I was looking for. At first I thought it was relatively small but with a little bit of exploration I found some caverns that branched off from it. I placed some torches and then returned to the surface to find that it was now daylight.

On my second day I found a nearby water source and dug out a channel to bring it to a patch of dirt just in front of my house, I planted some seeds to grow wheat and then spent the first half of the night in my mine gathering coal and iron ore. Before the night was over I went to check on my wheat, I had built a tunnel from my house to the farm, which I had walled off, or at least I thought I had. As I was checking the wheat's progress a Creeper came down on the current and fell through a gap in my wall, it was too late for me to run far enough away so he exploded, taking my farm and tunnel with him. I retreated back to the house and waited until dawn to see the true extent of the damage.

On my third day I rebuilt the farm and took far more time walling it off, instead of a having a tunnel connecting it to my house I figured Id simply only check it during the day time. The rest of my day was then spent hunting cows and mining ore, I also dug deeper into the mining network and found an underground waterfall, I plan to turn this cavern into my storage centre and decorate it over the next few days.

So it's been a fairly eventful and dangerous few days for me but fortunately the Creeper was an isolated incident and my house is taking shape. Check back next week for days seven, eight and nine.

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