Monday, 8 October 2012

Minecraft Monday: Survival 3

This week my Minecraft Monday survival story will be filled with death, misery, suffering and fire.

Yeah, things have taken a slight turn for the worse.

So after finally getting back on my feet and getting a fair amount of iron, coal, emerald and gold I kept going deeper into my mine, exploring the cavern that I found and making tunnels coming off of the side, I was gathering more and more minerals and felt safe because the lava was so easy to evade. I kept going further and further until I found even more gold and then had a major breakthrough and discovered a small amount of diamond, my first diamond!

Naturally I was incredibly excited but, alas, the hand of death struck me down. As I was walking around the lava a glitch occurred and I fell through about three blocks of floor into a stream of endless lava. Suffice it to say I burned to a fine crisp and lost all of my gold, iron, coal, emerald and diamond. I also lost my iron armour, my pick axes, some food and some gunpowder and string that I had forgotten to leave in my chest. So yeah. I wasn't best pleased.

It's ok though, my house was fine. Kind of.

The house itself was as I had left it and I had enough basics to make a new pick axe and go back down to my mine and start over but as it was daylight outside I thought I'd go and check on my small wheat farm. Turns out I have the beginnings of a moat. A lava moat. I have no idea how it got there but a few blocks away from my house is a small flow of lava, gradually setting fire to its surroundings and being a bit of a nuisance. If you watch my video which I upload later then you'll see what I mean.

Which leads me to my next point, I've done my first Minecraft video! Alan has previously done all of them and he will still do his usual Minecraft Monday videos but on top of that I will also do one. I may not do one every week but ill do my best to. This week's video will up this afternoon.

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  1. The ups, the downs are what make it brill.