Monday, 8 October 2012

Remembering the Wii: Red Steel

Red Steel was one of the games that, when I was first considering buying a Wii, really had my attention. Just listening to the premise of the game told you that it could be awesome. You were a man who used a Samurai sword as well as a formidable assortment of guns to hunt down the men who took your partner and kill them before they killed her. It sounded like it could be a classic tale of revenge. I love revenge.

It also had the promise of using the Wii remote as a Samurai sword. How cool is that?

Sadly it didn't quite live up to its potential. You see although the story was good and the gameplay was fun the Wii remote controls weren't 1:1 so you never felt like you were really hacking people up. I suppose this can be forgiven because at the time the controller was still new and developers weren't able to fully realise the potential but it was still a big disappointment on the gameplay front. Fortunately Red Steel 2 didn't suffer from this problem and features total control of the sword via the Wii remote plus.

However this wasn't the game's only problem. The action could have been great because you were set up to become a total badass but the fights became boring quite quickly. The gun fights were generic and bland, with you being in a room and enemies being around for you to kill and it all being very I've-done-this-way-too-many-times-before. Sadly the same can be said of the sword fights. When you enter into a sword fight with someone it is just you against them but the swordplay makes this very boring. You circle around your opponent and swing when there is an opening and block when there isn't. There's no real depth to it and being stuck on the spot gets old very fast.

Despite its many flaws though I still have fond memories of the game and when I did get my Wii it was one of the first games that I got for it so it does deserve its spot on this list. I wouldn't necessarily recommend playing it if you haven't already but I would certainly pick up the sequel, which is better in every single way.

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