Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Runescape: Then and Now

I used to play Runescape years ago before I moved onto World of warcraft and even now I'll admit it was an awesome game. Runescape's low detail graphics and simple gameplay gave it a charm that other games just didn't have because it was reminiscent of the games that came before it. Runescape also had member only options and additions that just made the game fantastic, like the ability to make your own house as a member (something WoW definitely needs) or being able to craft your own runes and these are things no other game really did at that time or now.

The game also had the frightening wilderness where the frontline was always a mass of pvp battles and you could test yourself at lower levels by running in and then straight out and seeing if you could survive even that short time with a giddy joy. The big dungeon in the game was located in the barbarian village and was so simple you could run right to the end, so everyone had either the Rainbow or Warboots.

Like I said Runescape was an awesome game, now Runescape has been taken over by a new company and they're turning the game into the same boring thing that's already out there by improving the graphics and adding new interfaces and putting trailers on TV. This all adds up to make Runescape nothing like it used to be so its lost its charm and become just another World of Warcraft copycat, however there may be light on the horizon, my friend who still plays Runescape says another company is remaking the old Runescape, i'll try to get more info on this from my friend so those of you like me out there who want the old Runescape back can stay informed.

By Alan Wright

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  1. Runescape is one of the oldest and popular online MMO games in the world. I love it.