Thursday, 25 October 2012

World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria Review Part 3

I know there's already been two parts to the review and both have been lengthy, but I didn't have time to try out what you can do once you reach level 90. Since I reached level 90 I've mainly been doing dailies and leveling up my professions, so I'm afraid no news on battlegrounds and dungeons (I probably won't do any either, so I won't add them, but if you want to hear about them leave a comment and I'll write another part for you). 
There are many factions in Pandaria that you can do dailies and other quests for. The Klaxxi are the Mantid you do quests for in the Dread wastes and their dailies are mostly just repeats of the quests you've already done for them. The Shado-pan, I haven't done anything for yet. The August Celestials again I haven't done anything for yet. The Golden lotus, who are the protectors of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, give dailies all based around the Vale mostly killing Mogu invaders. The Black prince is the last living son of Deathwing, he seems to have some ties to the Black Market, his quests are marked "legendary" so I'd assume he's also tied to raiding. The Anglers provide Pandaria's fishing dailies. The Lorewalkers are a very cool faction as rather than doing quests or dailies to gain reputation with them, you find lore scrolls scattered around Pandaria to get achievements that provide the reputation, they also have a flying mount for sale called the Red Flying Cloud which is a bejeweled disc hovering on top of a cloud. The Order of the Cloud Serpent are the faction that teach you how to ride and race Cloud Serpents, at the moment I'm revered with them and have had lots of fun, you start by saving some hatchlings and then choose the one you want to train, as you progress your hatchling matures and you learn to race it by using cloud rings to boost speed. The Tillers provide the cooking dailies and have one of the most innovative ideas Blizzard had in the expansion, as to get reputation with the Tillers you have to renovate and maintain a farm where you can grow vegetables used for cooking, to improve the farm you befriend members of the Tillers union by giving them food you've cooked and items you find in dark soil thats scattered around Pandaria. 
Since I started playing Mists I've got all my primary and secondary professions to 600 (the new top level). My main character's two primary professions are Enchanting and Inscription, it wasn't hard to level them but it cost a lot. Fishing hasn't had any changes, however it has become a great way to get the new cooking tokens which can be used to buy essential ingredients for cooking. Archeology has been updated to include Pandaren and Mogu artefacts and is now tied to the Lorewalkers faction. Cooking as I've already mentioned is tied to the Tillers, the cooking in Pandaria has been split into "ways" that each produce food that boosts one stat, Cooking also uses a lot of vegetables in Mists that can all be grown on your farm, one of the coolest things though is once you've reached the top level in all of the ways you can buy an item that calls a pupil to you who you can teach in cooking. 
Before this expansion I had gotten pretty bored with Warcraft and had not played in a long time, but now my love for the game has been reignited and I'm addicted once more. 


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