Friday, 2 November 2012

Assassins's Creed 3 First Impressions Part 2

Now that I have had a good few hours playing Assassins's Creed 3 I can safely say I am pretty impressed. The gameplay has been tweaked, with combat and climbing seeming more simple, fluid and enjoyable. On top of this the new mechanics such as hunting and developing the Homestead really add to the game, providing potentially hours of extra content and gameplay. So the gameplay is fantastic so far and although there was never anything wrong with the old games' systems the tweaks still manage to improve things.

The thing I'm most impressed with though is that I've been playing for hours (I'm on Sequence 5) and I know there are still new things to be introduced, for instance I have yet to sail a ship. This is fantastic, the value for money here is gob-smacking and the sheer amount of time you can spend with the game is a fantastic thing, one that more single player games desperately need.

Not everything is rosy though, the graphics overall are jaw dropping but Ubisoft's ambition is also their undoing because there are many small graphical issues present that show that they took things too far. In an early scene you will be writing in a book but that books pages will already be filled, you will have a conversation with someone whose face does not move and you, your horse or other characters can get stuck on objects. There are also numerous instances of random floating objects as well as dead people who stay standing upright. Fortunately though these problems are only ever small and the overall environments, be they the bustling streets of Boston or the vast territories of the Frontier, look, sound and feel amazing.

So far this game is great, it's a great piece of work despite its many flaws but it does still have much to accomplish with the rest of its time, most notably wrapping up the story although so far that story is great, but I won't spoil anything.

Check back often for updates, ill address Homestead management and naval battles on Monday or Tuesday.

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  1. Well I think my money has been spent well on this game and for once the advertising hype has stood up to the games release. Is any game 100% perfect, I don't think so although some may disagree, but to me it's great and I'm no game reviewer but if you haven't got it put it on your games I must get list.
    Get it and enjoy