Thursday, 1 November 2012

Does Gaming Change Your Perspective?

I've decided I play Red Dead Redemption too much, because recently I'll see three or four birds overhead and rather than think "oh look some birds" I think I could easily shoot them all down in one Dead Eye burst, I even go so far as to mime shooting a revolver (I know this sounds like gaming has made me more violent, but I promise you I'd never cruelly shoot down innocent birds), a friend of mine has also said that when she saw a building, she could pick out the hand and foot holds Ezio (from Assassin's Creed) would use and me and Rob have realised that because of Skyrim heights in games and even real life don't look as impressive, we've actually just started thinking "ah it doesn't look that bad, I could make it" and its things like this that made me think about just how gaming can change the way we look at things.

 In one of his earlier posts Rob talked about sexuality in gaming and I do think more games should have LGBT characters, because it could really change peoples minds, for example if Nathan Drake (from Uncharted) was gay and in a cutscene he eyed a guy and gave a boyish smirk just dripping with charm then some people may find homosexuality more acceptable, you never know it could even give someone the courage to stand up and be proud of their sexuality, all because they could relate to an awesome character.

For me a great example of gaming changing my perspective is when I realised that there is loads of evidence to suggest John Marston (from Red Dead Redemption) is blind in one eye and this just makes him even more cool, Because on top of everything he did and endured, all the time he was overcoming a disability. The point from all of this is sometimes gaming can help open our eyes to new things through the experiences of a character and more games should have these unique characters that can change the way we think.

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