Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Storm the Train Review

Storm the Train, Chillingo's latest App Store offering, is a free to play 2D run and gun game with simple gameplay, an endearing art style and bags of fun. The game comes with three characters for you to choose from, Mason, a man engineered towards strength, Graham the all rounder and Carrera, the agile one.

You boot the game up, pick a character and, after a brief tutorial (the only buttons are to run, jump, shoot and access the shop) you are sprinting along the train fighting skeletons, robots and all manner of other enemies. You collect coins as you go along and can find weapon crates so you aren't just stuck with an Uzi. At a certain stage during each chunk of the train you will meet a boss, the bosses can be quite challenging by yourself so I often use this as chance to purchase a drone from the store, either via Mayhem, something you acquire through fighting, or I get it by using the coins I picked up.

After each boss fight you will come across a gap to jump from your train to the next train. Each train has a given theme, these include things like the undead and robots and although the enemies don't force you to change up tactics or anything like that the change in the visual style does at least keep things interesting whilst you relentlessly storm along the train.

It's this visual style that helps make the game quite so fun. Although there isn't anything particularly unique about the graphics used they are quite good and give the game a laid back and enjoyable feel which lends itself well to the cartoony action of the game.

Overall this is a pretty awesome game and is definitely worth picking up, especially as it is currently free.

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