Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Changing Face of Childhood Gaming

If you were to do a survey of the gaming populace most people will tell you that they grew up with Nintendo. Indeed even my first game was Super Mario Bros. for the NES and I wasn't born until 1993. This legacy plays a key part in Nintendo's success and their actions and is a big part in why they are so iconic. The thing is though is that, back in those days, there were only really the consoles from Sega and Nintendo, there were others but they couldn't really compete. Of course things have changed a lot since then.

Though my first console was a NES I was so young at the time that my memories of it are hazy, I would certainly never say I grew up with it. The console I grew up with was the PlayStation. Yep, I'm a Nintendo fan but I didn't grow up with their consoles.

New generations are getting into gaming and the choice of console is broader now and all of them appeal to children one way or another so now we see people who didn't grow up with Nintendo, there are even people who are gamers but haven't played Mario, Zelda or Metroid. Needless to say this could have an interesting effect on the industry, Nintendo may find themselves no longer considered as the spiritual fathers of the industry, Sony or Microsoft might find they have the monopoly on childhood memories and gaming.

Of course with the Wii Nintendo still dominate the child market but perhaps with the growing success of Kinect and PlayStation Move Sony might be able to dethrone the Wii, especially with the Wii U likely to lose much of the child market that the Wii held.

So what console did you grow up with? Was your childhood defined by Nintendo, or was it it Microsoft or Sony? Perhaps you're older and maybe remember when the choice was pretty much between a NES and a Genesis, or maybe you're weird and had some other console.

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  1. For me it was the playstation I started with and have kept to going through the generations as they came out. Gaming has changed and is trying to include all the family and it does with the Wi. Of course there has to and should be a mix for all.I have a little niece and she has a pink VTech make game thing suitable for 3/4 year olds she really likes it.