Monday, 19 November 2012

The Gaming Blog Expands

Rob's note: I used to own a 3DS but I swapped it for a PS VIta which then broke, hopefully in the new year I will buy a 3DS and later on in the year a Vita.

Since the blog started we've had a lot of coverage for PlayStation and PC gaming but not a lot on anything else (there has been some, but not a lot), now me and Rob both hate Xbox so we don't cover it that much, but then what about Nintendo? So that's what's happening now, last Tuesday I brought a 3DS XL so I'm going to be covering that and hopefully soon Rob will have a Wii U. So now the gaming blog is getting coverage of two of the three major gaming companies. I have fallen completely in love with my 3DS and the only thing I regret is I hadn't brought one sooner, its fun to use , has great games (I brought Mario kart 7 and Pokemon Black Version 2 with it) and reminds me of fond memories of a younger me going everywhere with my Gameboy Colour.

Now it is Minecraft Monday, so I'm going to share with you an idea I had. Minecraft has been on various systems now (the PC, the Xbox 360 and the iPad) and it has been successful on all of them, but personally I think its only good on the PC, however there is one system I think it would work great on, thats right the 3DS. My ideas so far are the joystick would be used for the usual movements the A or B buttons could be used to jump and stealth/dive, the L and R buttons could be used for placing and removing blocks and most importantly the touchscreen would be perfect as an inventory screen. Rob has also now developed on the idea by saying that it could be on the Wii U as well and you could then have it on both consoles and use the ability to sync the consoles so you can make a world on the Wii U and then continue with the same world on the go on your DS. I love this idea (obviously) and Rob also thinks it has to happen, so what do you think?


  1. Would it be great to have a load of money, live at a nice gaff with a huge gaming room and fill it up with every console and great games available?
    Instead of just getting what you can afford to pay.Most of us have to wait to get what we want and then enjoy it in our spare time. Think thats perhaps why we or I appreciate things more, specially now I'm a bit older -not a teenager- and have to earn my consoles and games.


    1. Yeah that would be awesome, having to pay bills and be responsible has meant I won't be getting a Wii U at launch, so I'd love to be care free and rich!