Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The Wii U Could Bring Strategy Games to Consoles

The Wii U will be the first HD games console to feature a truly useable keyboard. Thanks to its touchscreen the controller can do everything a computer's keyboard can do and everything that a traditional controller can do. For decades strategy fans who are also console fans have struggled to find good games on their consoles. Big strategy franchises like Civilisation had to be dumbed down for console release (Civilisation Revolution) and strategy series such as Total War just don't appear on consoles.

The problem was that the controller just didn't have enough buttons to make the games function well, the interface just could not work well enough. The Wii may have been able to change this thanks to motion control but the lack of keyboard would still have been an issue and its an avenue that the Wii didn't really try to explore. This could be an avenue that the Wii U could explore though and if it did it it would be unique in that it could finally appeal to the strategy market.

I'm sure all of you PC gamers who love strategy games are probably trying to find my house so you can come and kill me in my sleep but hear me out. Consoles can have good strategy games - Halo Wars was fantastic! - but they are so few and far between that its infuriating. The Wii U could change this because the keyboard on the touchscreen would remove the interface issues. Problem solved. Just like that.

There has even been some interest in this from traditionally PC only developers. Certain people at Blizzard have said that after the Wii U has been available for a while they may very well consider trying to bring Starcraft to the Wii U. This wouldn't be the only time Blizzard had tried to work with Nintendo, they wanted to bring Diablo to the Game Boy way back when but sadly it never happened so ill admit the track record for the two companies doing the impossible together isn't great but still, the possibility is there and that's awesome.

Ultimately we won't know if the Wii U can truly bring strategy games to consoles until its been out for quite a while but the possibility is there and Nintendo could carve themselves out a unique chunk of the console market if they did this successfully.

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