Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Magic Review

Reviewed on iPad 2.

I wasn't going to post today but I was asked to review this game by @Renegade_Rocks on Twitter so there will be this review up today.

Christmas Magic is a Christmas themed puzzle game for IOS developed by Play-Games and is free on the App Store but does have plenty of in app purchases ranging from more story, to the soundtrack to in game hints.

The game begins with a story book being narrated to you and is followed by a cutscene of a butterfly flying up to a tree. This tree serves as the hub for the game where you can choose which puzzle you want to do. There are a certain amount of puzzles per tree top and you unlock others as you go along. The puzzles I played (I have not done them all) were essentially dot to dot puzzles that ranged nicely in difficulty and serve as a good way to kill time during the festive period. The controls are good and responsive and the game is largely open to any and all audiences.

Graphics and sound wise the game is also pretty good. The game is built using the Unity engine so the graphics are pretty solid and the cutscenes look really good. The sound is quite cheery and compliments the mode of the game perfectly. It's not going win awards for its ingenuity or anything but it is very pleasant to listen to whilst playing.

All in all this is a pretty good game, she there are better App Store games but there are also lots of worse ones. I you want to kill time during the Christmas period whilst you wait for the Turkey to cook and your family are too miserable to talk to then you may as well play this.

Happy Christmas!


  1. This sounds good if you do need to kill a bit of time, and sometimes don't we all. Guess its a light hearted type of game, just right for Christmas.

    Have a cool yule ..


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    1. Here's the link to the game, by the way, :

      Try it out this Christmas ! :)

    2. You're welcome! Thanks for the request.

  3. Christmas was cool have a good 2013 all