Thursday, 27 December 2012

Game of the Year 2012

For me, especially when you consider how great last year was, this year has been a bad one for games with many titles being delayed and many more simply being disappointing. That being said though there were still some awesome games out but for me the winner of Game of the Year 2012 is an obvious choice. Before I tell you my choice though let's see what Alan thinks.

Alan: Diablo 3

I choose Diablo 3 as my Game of the year for several reasons, one, its generally just a really awesome game with great gameplay, awesome environments, incredible story and through all of it still manages to capture the Diablo feeling of the previous games, two, its the only really good game thats come out this year (that I've played at least) and is also the only game I've played for an extended period of time and finally Diablo 3 has a special place in my heart as my review for it was the very first thing I did for the blog. Even though I may have forgotten it at first (mainly because a part of my computer started screwing up so I haven't been able to play the game for months) Diablo 3 is the clear choice for my Game of the Year.

Rob: Hitman: Absolution.

Hitman Absolution takes my Game of the Year because it takes everything that is great about Hitman and improves it whilst adding a load of awesome new touches. It's the best Hitman game yet and, lets face it, nothing can really compete with that this year. If you want to see my in depth thoughts about it then have a look in the December section of the blog archive for my first impressions and a review.

So there you have it, that's the Game of the Year for 2012. Hopefully next year will bring many more awesome games and, judging by the look of the line up, the Game of the Year choice next year will be a very strongly contested one.

Thanks for reading! Check back tomorrow for my look back at 2012.


  1. Hitman Absolution takes my Game of the Year

    Agree 100%

  2. Hey glad you rate Hitman Absolution as your GOTY. It gets my vote


  3. Good to know your views guys. Not sure what gets my vote

  4. Yeah not a bad game Far Cry3