Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Mortal Kombat 3: Review

Reviewed on: GameBoy Colour

I wouldn't normally start a review with a comment about a positive or negative aspect of a game but the very first thing that struck me about Mortal Kombat 3 for the GameBoy was its sound. Which is awful. You put the cartridge in and whilst the game loads the soundtrack kicks in to keep you entertained. And when I say soundtrack I actually mean God-awful distorted mind fuck.

Some of you might be into that but with a console that gave us the Pokemon soundtrack such utter suite just won't cut it. Yeah, it's that bad, I said the S word.

Things get better when you start playing the ga- Oh wait that's right, they don't, at all. The gameplay for this is broken, plain and simple. You press a button to punch, then you try again, then again and then once more for luck...And then you press it frantically three times in a row and then your character finally throws a punch...which misses because your opponent has deftly flipped over you and grabbed you round the throat to hurl you across the arena. That's basically how the controls go.

To add insult to injury when you do finally manage to land enough hits to be able to do a fatality all of the cool moves have been censored (don't you love Nintendo's early censorship policy?) so the characters don't even have awesome finishers anymore.

At least the graphics aren't terrible. They are by no means the best that the system features, they don't even come close, but they do function well enough to give you a clear indication of who's who and what moves are being used. They really are the only ok thing about this game though, the rest of it is a broken abomination. Which is a real shame because Mortal Kombat is a franchise I've always wanted to get into (I've never played a lot of it before) so I was hoping this would give me a good first impression.

Sadly, it didn't. Do NOT buy this game.


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