Monday, 3 December 2012

R.I.P My PS3

On Saturday my PS3 died, the yellow light of doom spelled out its end and I was heartbroken. There is however some good coming from this, I'm upgrading and today I should have a new Playstation 3 500GB superslim, but this does pose a problem as obviously I've lost all my old save files. I fully intended (and still do) to get all my games back to where I had them before my PS3 broke, but Rob wanted to test me and so the challenge has been set:

 I've got to do my best to complete the main storylines of 33 games by the end of December.

The games are mostly ones that I have completed before so I at least have that advantage, but I'm still nervous and I'm not entirely sure I'll manage to actually complete the challenge. Over the next month I'm going to do my best to post news of my progress on the blog everyday.

1 comment:

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