Friday, 7 December 2012

What To Buy A Gamer For Christmas

With Christmas fast approaching I thought it would be a good idea to offer a few suggestions for Christmas presents to get gamers that aren't actually games. I know a lot of people struggle with this so hopefully this list will help.

1: Money Tins

A Mario money tin would be bloody awesome, its only small and cheap and would make a great stocking filler.

2: Books

There are obviously thousands of strategy guides that would be great but also you could consider a book on gaming such All Your Base are Belong to Us.

3: Liquid Snake Jacket

Most gamers like Metal Gear and if they fancy a bit of dressing up then this would be great. It would be cool for Halloween too.

4: Wii U

This is for those of you who have money to burn. If you can't think of a game then why not buy a console? This is the start of the next generation and would make a fantastic Christmas present.

5: Models or Figures or Mugs and Posters!

These are the most obvious ones or the 'oh crap I have no idea what to get him/her' ideas.

Most big gaming franchises will have models or figures available to buy. Just Google whoever your buying for's favourite game and look for models of the characters to buy.

The same goes for mugs and posters, they are easy to find and aren't too much money.

6: PSN Vouchers etc.

Vouchers for online stores such as PS Store, XBLA, Nintendo eShop or Steam are great. I don't really buy downloadable games during the year because if I have money then there will always be a physical release that interests me more but if I had a voucher then I would be far more inclined to download a game so I'd stop missing out on some of the year's best titles.

7: Replica Weapons

There are plenty of replica weapons for lots of games. For Assassins's Creed 3 there's a replica Tomahawk, for Resident Evil there's an air gun. Google a game the person you're buying for likes and look for replica weapons and you'll find some cool ideas for people who like their gaming memorabilia.

I hope this list helps some of you out, I should warn you its mainly based on stuff that I think is cool and so may not appeal to everyone for Christmas.

Happy shopping!


  1. Wish I'd seen this before I bought socks !!


  2. I always get socks from some one at Christmas.....and last year got a scarf and gloves which were handy when it got too cold.....but vouchers would be cool


  3. Brill idea to put this here. Don't always want to pay out the price of a game especially when cash is short. Good ideas here > Cheers

    Jeff G

  4. Could be ideas on what to buy a gamer - full stop.

    Ingenious, will def let my family know of links here.