Thursday, 3 January 2013

Changes to the Blog

As I mentioned in my Christmas video there will be some changes coming to the blog in 2013. First and foremost the blog will be being named, so at some point will be gone and there will be a name in its place. I will announce when this will happen and what the name will be as soon as I know. This should take place in February or March.

Secondly there will be a greater emphasis on videos. Don't worry there will still be a written post appearing on the blog every week day as usual but there will also be videos. I aim to have at least one video up per week and they will range from reviews and play throughs to what-I've-been-playing-this-week type things. Some of these will involve Alan and some will just be done by me.

The other notable change is that the Replay series I have been doing for several months will now change. A few weeks ago I began reviewing older games and the Replay series focuses on talking about older games so the two will now be merged. Whenever I review an older game (it could be years old or only a couple of months old because with new games I get the review up within a fortnight) it will be called Replay: Insert Game Name Review. This should just serve to keep things simple and easy to find and allows the blog to focus on new games and old games without confusing fans of either retro or modern games.

That's pretty much it for the time being, if any other changes are going to be made I will of course let you know as and when they occur.

Thanks for reading!

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