Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Gun 2

Gun is one of my favourite games of all time. It was short and sweet, perfectly paced, had a great story with great characters, was well scripted and well acted and featured all of the awesome stereotypes from the West that you would hope a Western game would have. It was awesome and I have replayed it many times and still hope for a sequel.

Western games are pretty rare, you get plenty of futuristic games, fantasy games and modern games but rarely a western. Gun was an awesome western and then Red Dead Redemption was as well but the rest of them are largely good but never great. This is mainly because they either lack free roaming and/or brutality. Gun had both in large supply and was a big success because of it and the success of Red Dead and the rumours of a sequel for that game have me hoping for Gun 2. So I hope for a Gun 2 and I'd be happy for it to feature much of what the first game had: free roaming, cowboys, Indians, boss fights, explosive dynamite tipped arrows, dismemberment and scalping, but there are a few things I'd want added to the mix for a sequel.

Bigger explosive dynamite tipped arrows.

Largely thanks to Back to the Future 3 train hijacking is, for me, now synonymous with the Old West so I'd love to be able to leap from my horse/carriage to a train and then be able to hijack it and, maybe upon reaching a certain speed, derail it like you can in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Red Dead allows you to board trains but you can't hijack them so this too could benefit from hijacking if they ever make a sequel, but this is supposed to be about Gun and, besides, Gun features no real interaction with trains during free roam, at least Red Dead lets you board them.

I also want multiplayer, not necessarily modes like team deathmatch (although they work really well in Red Dead) but I want free roam. There is nothing more entertaining than tearing up the West with a friend in Red Dead and with the added brutality of Gun this sort of chaos would only get better. Online Free Roam extended my time spent with Red Dead drastically and even made me purchase some DLC (which I almost never do) so this is something that Gun could benefit from massively.

The main thing that Gun 2 would need to do though is stick with its identity. Gun was over the top, brutal and very cheesy and those characteristics are what made it great. The fear surrounding a potential sequel would be that big shot executives would tone it down in order to try to increase appeal and this would, quite frankly, kill it dead.

Do any of you want a sequel to Gun? If so what would you all want to see? Leave a comment below with any suggestions you have.

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  1. Can remember this game but can't remember what year it came out. It was the front cover that caught my eye for some reason and even now looking at it here it appeals, think thats why I got the game. Yeah seem to recall it was quite a short game which sometimes is good and just suits. Not sure if I'd like to see a sequel be a bit out of date probably.