Tuesday, 15 January 2013

iPhone 5 Review

Back in January last year I reviewed the iPad 2 based solely on its credentials as a gaming machine. A week ago I got an iPhone 5 and in this review I plan to focus on its gaming capabilities. Like it or not tablet and smartphone gaming is serious business whether you are a casual gamer or a hardcore gamer so I feel as though such reviews are important.

The biggest problem with gaming on a phone is the controls. Very often games use virtual buttons (which are a nightmare) and with such a small screen these can be virtually unusable due to how close together the buttons can be. This is most ably demonstrated in an FPS like Doom where, even though you can choose where to place the buttons, it is all too easy to press a wrong button. This makes the bigger screen of the iPhone 5 a very welcome addition as although it doesn't solve this problem entirely it does make it infinitely more manageable.

The larger screen, which makes use of Apple's Retina Display, looks absolutely stunning. Games like Asphalt 7: Heat and Modern Combat 4 look jaw dropping. No they are not going to cause any worry for the home consoles anytime soon but they do look more amazing than a phone game has any right to.

The iPhone's best selling point as a gaming machine though is definitely its vast library of games. The sheer number of Apps available is why I buy IOS over Android and there really is a game for everyone, whether you're a hardcore gamer looking for a console quality experience or a casual gamer looking for a quick five minute fix. There's a game for everyone and they are all insanely cheap.

I would definitely recommend an iPhone to anyone, in fact I already recommended one to Alan and he has now bought one. Yes they are overpriced (I think most Apple products are) but they are still fantastic machines and it is truly exciting to see the games available for them develop and grow.


  1. Overpriced but everyone wants one.
    Great marketing.


  2. As long as you can afford the phone first " There's a game for everyone and they are all insanely cheap."

    Possibly they are cheap but it's not easy for some to get these phones

    1. Yes the phones are very expensive but the games are very cheap which is good. If you can afford the phone do it but they definitely are overpriced.

  3. No doubt iPhone 5 is an amazing phone. It is the first choice of everyone.