Friday, 18 January 2013

My Most Anticipated Games of 2013

Now that Devil May Cry is out the year is really about to kick off in terms of major releases. This year should be incredibly exciting with some awesome new IP and plenty of amazing sequels as well as the fact that either Sony or Microsoft, or possibly both, will enter into the current generation and join the Wii U.

In this post I will list the five (confirmed) games that I am most excited for this year.

Aliens: Colonial Marines

The Alien Quadrilogy is one of my favourite film series of all time and the second film is simply awe inspiring so the prospect of a game that follows on from Aliens and pays homage to it fills me with great excitement.

Bioshock Infinite

The original Bioshock is a generation defining game and though Bioshock 2 was great its good to see a more fully fledged, properly done sequel. If Infinite can live up to Bioshock's lofty standards then it will undoubtedly be one of the best games to ship this year.

Pokemon X and Y

The only way to really take the core Pokemon games forward whilst still keeping with their traditional design values is to make them fully 3D and this is something that fans have wanted for years. Well now we are getting it and its launching simultaneously in all regions. It's likely to be the biggest Nintendo exclusive this year and I can't wait.

Bayonetta 2

The original Bayonetta was an amazing and unique experience, in other words it was your typical game from Platinum Studios. It will likely be one of the best games this year and its a great reason to grab a Wii U.

The Last of Us

Naughty Dog how to make great games and get the most out of a system and this is probably going to be their swan song for the PS3 so you can execs the game to be absolutely amazing in almost every respect. My expectations are ludicrously high for this game and I have every confidence that it will meet them.

Grand Theft Auto V

I have to be honest here, GTA IV was a terrible game. It's the most in-GTA game I. The series but it is neither fun nor over the top. If Rockstar make V more like the older GTA games and make it less gritty then it will be amazing but if they don't it will be awful.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

The Metal Gear Solid series is my favourite of all time and to me Hideo Mojima is a genius so the idea of him and Platinum Studios joining forces makes me drool with excitement. If this isn't GOTY ill eat my pants.


  1. I can remember starting to play Pokemon and collecting and trading cards was quite a few years ago.

    Think the new Pokemon X and Y should be good

  2. MGS: Revengeance, really? It looks like a complete franchise degradation, similar to that of Star Wars (Force Unleeashed games), completely devastating the point of the original games (stealth anyone?), turning it into just another dumb slasher/shooter.

    And how about some kickstarter games? Like the adventure from Double Fine Productions. Or Project Eternity, new RPG/adventure mixture from the creators of the great Quest for Glory series... There's much to choose from, no need to pick the dumbest mainstream...

  3. Well Metal Gear is my favourite franchise of all time so naturally I am excited to see it try something new.

    As for Kickstarter most of the games are for PC and I don't own one.

    Also mainstream games don't have to be dumb, and just because they are my favourite it doesn't mean I am unaware of other games.

    Plus Metal Gear is far from dumb, its actually one of the most intellectually engaging series out there thanks to its themes.