Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Replay: Pokemon Tower Defense Review

Reviewed on: PC

This week I'm going to do something new and start reviewing free mini games you find on websites such as Newgrounds or Kongregate. There are thousands of amazing games out there and too often they're taken for granted, with these reviews I hope to shine some light on the great games out there. The first game I'm going to review is Pokemon Tower Defence, which is an amazing mix of the classic Pokemon games and Tower Defence games.

The game is rather obviously a Tower Defence game that's set in the Pokemon universe, but the true genius of the game is how the creators have made a great Tower Defence game and yet made it feel just like the old Pokemon games. The "towers" of this game are all classic Pokemon that level up and gain new abilities (all the same abilities as they would have learned in Pokemon Red or Blue) by defeating the Pokemon that run past them on the track. You also have the option to catch new Pokemon. To catch new Pokemon you can wait for the desired Pokemon to be weakened then catch it with the Pokeball in the bottom right hand corner of the screen (by dragging it over the Pokemon you want to capture). The settings of each level, music and Pokemon/character skins are all taken from the original Pokemon Red and Blue games, which give the game the feel of the old Pokemon games.

The games other features also reflect the old gameplay of Pokemon Red and Blue with a Pokemart, Pokedex and trading system. The game also features a multiplayer mode (which I'm afraid I haven't tried yet). The story of the game doesn't follow the original game's story, however it is the kind of plot you would have dreamed up when you were younger and first played the original games. Occasionally rare, shiny Pokemon will appear that can be captured (a clear nod to the shiny cards from the Trading Card game) so watch out for them. The game has only one big problem I've noticed and that is that the save system can be dodgy at times, but they may have sorted that out by now. So if you like Tower Defence games or like me loved Pokemon Red and Blue you should defiantly play this game as it is very well made and amazingly fun to play.

Here's a link to the game on Newgrounds:

And this is a link to the game's website (Note: you need to have set up an account on the actual game before you can actually enter the site):

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