Friday, 25 January 2013

Replay: Asphalt 7: Heat Review

Reviewed on: iPhone 5

For a long time now the Asphalt series has, for me, been the best racing series for mobile devices. The graphics, gameplay and overall design of the games are fantastic. So recently I picked up Asphalt 7: Heat to play on my iPhone 5 and, naturally, had very high expectations for it.

I'm glad to be able to say that it didn't disappoint.

The gameplay is largely what you'd expect from an Asphalt game, you complete races, be they standard races, checkpoint runs or more demolition based races, and you unlock new cars, new parts and rank up. Before each race you can choose your car, purchase upgrades and purchase a perk, such as a speed boost after crashing. You are then dropped into a race and you tilt the screen to steer, tap it on the right to use NOS and just generally revel in the simplicity of it all. You see Gameloft rarely nail touch control, because they always use virtual buttons, but with Asphalt they had the sense to design the game in the knowledge that it would be used with a touchscreen and as a result of this the controls are great, The steering is easy to use and very responsive and you don't have to worry about unresponsive onscreen buttons or accidentally hitting a wrong button because they are grouped too closely together.

Graphics wise this game serves as an awesome tech-demo for the iPhone 5, like most Gameloft games do. The cars have obviously had the most attention and they all look fantastic but the courses and the surrounding environments also look good despite the noticeable drop in quality from car to environment. It probably isn't Gameloft's best (Modern Combat 4 trumps it for graphics) but its definitely up there with their best graphical work yet. Sound wise it doesn't excel quite as much, don't get me wrong the cars sound good and the soundtrack is perfectly adequate but it is never amazing. This is a minor complaint though because the rest of the game is just so damn good.

Alongside the career mode there is also a quick play mode for those quick five minute toilet stints and there is also a fully fledged multiplayer mode so you can race against friends and strangers. All in all it is a racing game that can match up to console racers in terms of depth but isn't quite there in terms of graphical capability.

If you're into racing games and you have an iPhone then I would definitely recommend getting this as it is without a doubt the single greatest racer on the App Store right now.


  1. Not all like racing games so it's brill there are many different types to lure you in and get you to spend your hard earned cash. Me, I've always liked them and have to agree with you here mate ,if you're into racing games and are fortunate enough to have an iPhone this is def worth it.


  2. iPhones are just great how the hell did we manage before? Will def give this a try

    Ta mate

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