Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Replay: The Room Review

Reviewed on: iPhone 5

The Room is a puzzle game on the iPhone and iPad, the first chapter is free, but the whole game will cost you £1.50 (for iPhone). The game has four chapters, each chapter revolves around a puzzle box that you must open to retrieve the next box.

The graphics of the game are stunning with everything rendered in ultra high detail and have an almost photographic quality. Everything looks odd or out of place but only enough  to add to the dark and slightly sinister feel of the game. The music of The Room is composed of haunting notes reminiscent of a music box being played in a room with a strong echo. This keeps you constantly close to being on edge but with you being just far  enough away to balance yourself between being relaxed and jumpy.

The gameplay sadly is not unique with standard puzzle game features such as sliding panels, password locked boxes, hidden keys and an alternate view tool. However things like turning keys or opening draws must be done manually rather than being done by the game automatically which adds to the feeling of you actually being there and doing everything that is happening on the screen.

Overall I loved the game as it wasn't too easy nor too challenging and the length, while it could have been longer, wasn't terrible, but the ending of the game was extremely disappointing and felt too much like it had to lead into a sequel rather than being a great stand alone game. On the whole the game is great as an experience but doesn't have a lot of replay value and needs another game to really end it satisfactorily.


  1. Guess moneywise,it was ok ALan? Don't sometimes mind if games are not too long specially if on a jouney or something like that.

    1. I'd say for the shear exeperience, it is worth the money and it is cheaper than most other good puzzle games on the Iphone.