Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Replay: Scuba Review

Reviewed on: PC

Today I'm going to do another mini game review on a game called Scuba which can be found on Newgrounds (link provided at the end of the post). Scuba is a game based on Terraria and Minecraft, the goal of the game is to craft an engine for your spaceship. To get the materials to make the engine and various other objects you mine the surrounding area. A large element of the game is the crafting which allows you to turn one material into another or craft better gear such as diving suits that allow you to go deeper (right to the bottom where diamonds can be found) to help you on your mission, crafting is done at your spaceship or crafting stations (that you have to make first) that can be placed anywhere. The games graphics and music are mainly inspired by Terraria, however the really fun aspect of the game is inspired by Minecraft, like Minecraft you can place collected dirt blocks, this allows you to create new landscapes for your character to explore, I myself made a house around my spaceship and then made an above sea landscape with other houses, a pyramid, a maze and a stairway to the sky. The only really big improvements Scuba needs are more items to craft, more goals and the ability to place other material blocks you have gathered rather than just dirt blocks. So if you have a bit of time to kill try scuba out because its a simple but very fun little game.

Link to the game on Newgrounds

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