Friday, 11 January 2013

The Best of CES 2013

CES 2013 has seem some rather exciting announcements for gamers, ranging from new PCs to new TVs and even an unexpected (and wanted?) new handheld courtesy of Nvidia. Here in this post ill be looking at the ones that have interested me the most.


The most unexpected reveal of CES 2013 came from Nvidia in the form of a new handheld. The device runs off of the Tegra 4 processor, which they also unveiled at CES this year. It allows you full access to the Android library of games and apps but also allows you to stream full blown PC games from your PC to the device, meaning you can crack on with Xcom on the toilet!


The most interesting announcement came from Valve and a company called Xi3. Xi3 make small PCs and Valve have partnered with them to develop what is currently called Piston which is what seems to be a version of the Steam Box. There are no concrete details regarding specs or price but its an idea that's got me interested. The most unusual part of the announcement is that this isn't the Steam Box, Valve have said that they will be developing that in house but will be making partnerships such as this one to have other PCs developed. Whether or not these will be cheap enough to attract console gamers but powerful enough to function as a gaming PC is yet to be shown but my guess is no they won't, because that seems like an impossible balance. Nevertheless this is an exciting idea and it will be interesting to see what Valve do.

4 AND 8K TVs

Everyone knew this one was coming but its cool to actually be able to see these things. The idea of ultra-HD is obviously appealing from a graphical perspective but there are a number of problems. First and foremost there isn't really a whole of stuff that actually takes advantage of it, secondly the screens are ridiculously big, I don't have a spare 100 inches on my wall in the living room and thirdly they are crazy money, with a cheap one costing around £6000. Of course all of these were problems that HD TVs faced when they were first unveiled so I'm sure they'll all be overcome but for the meantime I'm not interested.


The concept here is to use a projector alongside Kinect to turn your living room into the screen, this means that what you see will spread beyond the TV screen and could greatly improve gamer immersion, at least that's what Microsoft say. The reality though is far from this. Whilst I don't doubt that the concept will work the fact is that, like Kinect, few hardcore gamers will actually want it. It also may very well not work too well, Kinect still has issues after all. I certainly would rather Microsoft go back to doing what they do best, making good hardcore games for traditional controllers but sadly Kinect makes too much money for them.

CES this year has been pretty interesting and has been a brilliant way to start what should be an exciting year for gaming.


  1. "should be an exciting year for gaming"

    Hope 2013 will be,as the months go by we will see