Monday, 7 January 2013

Tomb Raider Preview

In Tomb Raider's now very distant heyday Lara Croft was a figure who demanded attention. She was a large chested, short short wearing, lion shooting adventurer who pleased gamers and angered feminists across numerous instalments in the over the top adventure franchise that featured games, movies and all manner of other things. Lara was over the top, unrealistic and above all the antithesis of 'gritty'.

But she hasn't been successful for years. So she's being rebooted.

And it's gritty.

The new Tomb Raider game will be set up as an origins story and will focus less on large tits and more on a deep, character driven narrative. Whilst I am all for women no longer being objectified in games (its a huge problem for the industry, but that's a whole other post) I am full of reservations about this reboot, reservations that many don't seem to have. I'm not saying that the numerous gameplay demos and what not don't look promising. The gameplay looks good, the graphics seem great, the soundtrack and voice work seems top notch, as do the story and script but the problem is that its Tomb Raider. The same Tomb Raider that is about a hot woman going on unbelievable India Jones like adventures. Does it need rebooting or should it be left to lie dead, as other over the top series like Duke Nukem should be?

I'm not saying that the game shouldn't be made, I believe it could make for a good game but it needs to be changed so that it isn't Lara Croft and it isn't Tomb Raider because as it is it makes no sense. Why do I want a gritty Tomb Raider experience? I don't really. And why does Lara have a gritty origins story but then a ridiculous and over the top future? It doesn't make any sense! Lara shouldn't be forced into something that she isn't. You wouldn't put a square peg in a round hole and you wouldn't make India Jones have a down to earth and believable movie so why would you tone down Lara Croft? It could be a simple use of the name to make money, but I don't really believe this is true. I just think the developers are misguided. They seem to be making the game with good intentions but the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and fire, and death, and then an eternity of suffering and anguish.

Not good Tomb Raider material.

I'm sure that the game will come out, sell well and be awesome, I may even try and play it myself (I doubt this though) but regardless of all that I don't think I could ever truly get into the game because it just wouldn't seem right. It would be like trying to read the A Song of Ice and Fire series as a Lord of the Rings novel. They are two different things, just like the old Tomb Raider and this reboot are. They don't work.

It won't work!

Feel free to call me an idiot but Lara should be left to lie in her over the top grave.

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  1. Lara Croft has had her day and she should remain where she is.At the moment in time she served her purpose but not sure what any 'new tomb raider' will achieve. Time as ever will tell