Monday, 25 February 2013

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate 3DS Demo Impressions

Monster Hunter is another beloved franchise that I have never tried out before so, with the demo for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on the 3DS, I thought I'd jump in.

The demo gives you two quests to play through, one easy, one hard. The easy one takes place across a Tundra and has you hunt the bear-like Lagombi while the hard one takes place on a deserted island and has you hunt the dragon-like Plesioth. The demo doesn't really make any attempt to teach you how to play, despite offering an easier quest for what it calls 'novice hunters'. For someone new to the series like me this was a real put off but I played both quests anyway.

In both cases I got my arse handed to me in little chunks but I did at least like what I saw enough to want to try it again and improve. At the point in the game the demo takes place you only seem to have two attacks but there are plenty of weapons and items to choose from. You are given two people to form a party and, at the campsite you begin at, you can gather items before venturing forth.

The game looks pretty good from a graphical perspective and it plays well only to change the camera angle you have to take your thumb off of the stick (so stand still!) and use the d-pad. This could perhaps finally be the game to convince me that the circle pad pro is something more than an ugly waste of money. The problem is the circle pad pro isn't compatible with the demo so I couldn't try it even if I wanted to.

All in all I chalk most negativity I experienced up to the fact that I am a complete newcomer to the franchise. I definitely want to play more and will probably pick this up when it launches.

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