Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Replay: Dead Space 2 Review

Reviewed on PlayStation 3

Dead Space 2 takes everything that was cool about Dead Space and makes it ten times better. The player once again takes on the role of protagonist Isaac Clark, an engineer who fights undead monsters called Necromorphs.

The gameplay of Dead Space 2 uses the template of the first Dead Space, but makes tweaks to improve playability. Basic movement and combat controls haven't been changed much, with only a few small changes, which keeps everything nice and simple. The zero gravity moments of the game have been vastly improved by the ability to fly rather than jump from wall to wall. Dismemberment is still key to killing enemies, however an impalement system has been added which allows you to throw environmental items, picked up using kinesis, at enemies to kill them or pin them to walls which proves a very helpful asset with certain types of Necromorph and also can provide hours of fun! Kinesis has become a much bigger part of the game as it is used extensively for puzzles and combat. To get past doors or into new rooms Isaac will sometimes have to crawl through an engineers' vent, an experience that can at times be terrifying, but the vents are ruined by the fact they are just for travel and no action is ever seen inside them which really is a shame. The biggest change to the gameplay is the flow of the game, one chapter bleeds into the next giving a flawless almost cinematic feel to the game, even cutscenes flow beautifully, all giving the game a realistic pace that few other games can match.

The graphics are dazzling with fantastic high definition and a dark, sinister colour range adding to the suspense of the game. The soundtrack is once again incredible, giving the perfect amount of suspense to make you jump at every shadow. The story of Dead Space 2 is much more fleshed out and coherent compared to the first, with much more backstory and a main storyline that makes you question everything that's happening in the game. Dead Space 2 adds a multiplayer mode, but if you read a lot of my posts you'll know I don't really do multiplayer so surprise surprise I haven't tried it.

Dead Space 2 is genuinely incredible and genuinely terrifying (my friend who doesn't scare easily said he wouldn't want to play the game alone!). Plus any game that throws you in the deep end straight away with nothing but a straitjacket (with your arms still tied to your sides) and very little health has my respect. Dead Space 2 has made me desperate for the third game which I've already pre-ordered and will play and review as soon as I get it. In my opinion you should buy and play this game STRAIGHT AWAY!

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