Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Replay: God of War 3 Review

Reviewed on: PS3.

On the 15th March God of War Ascension is released, so the four posts I'm going to write until then are going to be God of War related, the first is a review of God of War 3. I love the God of War series and (just like me) the newest game is the one I played first. God of War 3 finally delivered anti-hero Kratos his revenge.

The gameplay of God of War 3 is very similar to previous games: chain blades are the primary weapons, with other weapons, magic powers and abilities to expand your arsenal, all of which can be upgraded by powering up each item with experience orbs. Upgrading weapons also gives weapons new combos to deliver devastating attacks to enemies. Of course God of War 3 also has the compulsory quick time events, sex mini-game and signature brutality. One of the big differences in God of War 3 to previous games is magic powers are stored in the different weapons rather than being a separate thing, which can be annoying as switching magic also switches weapons, but overall I do like it. Instead of the rage of the Gods/Titans Kratos now has the rage of Sparta which unlike previous games does not improve the power of the weapons you're already using, instead Kratos switches to the Blade of Olympus and a lot of colours are greyed to boost the vibrancy of reds and blues giving a haunting view of Kratos' vision in his new rage induced state. Kratos retains some of the powers he picked up in God of War 2 (something fairly unusual for the series) such as the wings of Icarus and the Golden fleece. God of War 3 is gorier than ever with blood spurting everywhere and Kratos more often than not is covered with it, there's even an achievement to cover him in 500 buckets of the stuff.

The graphics of God of War 3 are stunning and possibly the best i've seen yet. Environments are epic and rendered perfectly, some environments are even on and in Titans with a world consuming war between Titans and Olympians raging on in the background. Kratos' grim visage covered head to toe in the blood of his enemies is displayed in such detail that I'm certainly glad I play as him and don't have to fight him. I'd try to explain how good the graphics are further, but really what you need to do is find a PS3 hooked up to a high definition TV and just watch the game being played.

Music in God of War 3 is worthy of a Hollywood Greek epic, it thunders through the room empowering the animalistic rage filled feeling that Kratos lends to the player, the names of Kratos and Deimos are shouted in a war chant manner throughout some of the more tense action packed scenes of the game and yet every now and then haunting singing can be heard echoing through everything in stark contrast to both the usual music of the game and Kratos' nature itself. The voice acting of the game is amazingly well done, Kratos has his usual shouty manner of speaking, the voices of the gods are perfect and give each god its own character. The voice cast even includes big names like Rip Torn and Malcolm McDowell, Hercules is even voiced by Kevin Sorbo who played Hercules in a TV show for seven years.

The story of the God of War games has never been complicated (usually it can be summed up by saying Kratos is angry, wants revenge, kills a lot of people and then kills a god) and God of War 3 isn't any different it's still the same basic story, but that doesn't mean its not a good story, it's simple but that means you can concentrate more on the great gameplay and the simple, brutal nature of the story fits with Kratos' character. The only big difference to the story of God of War 3 is that rather than kill one god, Kratos kills practically the entire Greek pantheon of gods and Kratos finally shows more depth and a heroic nature no one thought he could have.

I'll be honest I can't give justice to how good God of War 3 really is, it's the kind of game you must play. Certainly if you own a Playstation 3 God of War 3 (if not the whole series through the HD collections) is one of those games you MUST own.

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