Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Replay: God of War HD Collection 1 Review

Reviewed on: PS3

The God of War Collection allowed people like me (people with no PS2, but who had played God of War 3) to experience the original God of War games in all their gory glory. The God of War Collection brings God of War 1 and 2 to the PS3 with new HD graphics.

The gameplay of the God of War Collection is the standard God of War set-up with Chain Blades as the primary weapons and other weapons and magics collected along the way. These can all be upgraded with experience orbs. Quick time events are, as always, used to defeat normal enemies and bosses.

The storyline for both games is again very similar to other God of War games, they are very simple and essentially can be summed up to, Kratos gets angry, kills some people, does some questionable things and kills a god. Let's be fair the story of God of War has never been the series' strong point. The graphics have nice new high definition graphics, but retain some of the feeling of a PS2 game. The sound of the games has the theatrical odd greek theme that for me has always been an amazing part of the games. The voice acting is its usual awesome self with Kratos' shouty voice never disappointing.

God of War 1 is where it all started and being able to experience the first game on the PS3 with better graphics is great. The first game had tricky moments (as all God of War games do), one was a spinning tower covered in spikes I couldn't actually do on my first playthrough and my friends took turns until one finally managed it, needless to say after that we all called him Kratos.

God of War 2 has some of the most incredible settings I've ever seen in a game and yet it's the only God of War game that I don't like playing as it obviously has its tricky moments, but they're too tricky and after failing them hundreds of times I just get fed up.

For some reason I can never say a lot about God of War games, I think its because they are so simple gameplay wise, but they all need to be played if you own a Playstation as they're classics and have a unique feeling that no other game I've played can match.

By Alan Wright

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