Friday, 1 March 2013

Weekly Roundup: 1/3/2013

The big thing this week is of course my and Alan's joint review for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, which is a game we both enjoyed quite a lot but Alan felt was missing something.

Talking Trash this week dealt with the PS4 announcement which I feel somewhat ambivalent about and Call Me Controversial was about, as promised, Call of Duty 4. You can watch those by clicking on the link to my YouTube channel at the top of the page.

Next week you can expect to see my review for The Witcher 2 (which, incidentally, is available on OnLive now) as well as a review from me for Deus Ex: Game if the Year Edition. Alan will be continuing his look at the God if War series.

This week I've been playing:

Metal Gear Rising (Xbox 360)

The Witcher 2 (Xbox 360)

Body Harvest (N64)

Medieval 2: Total War (PC)

Have a good weekend!

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