Thursday, 4 April 2013

David Hayter Won't Be In MGSV Because REASONS - Rant

So you’re one of the most famous, most creative and most mind bendingly epic game creators in the world. You have one of the greatest, most iconic, most beloved characters in the world. This character has one of the most recognisable, most badass voices in all of gaming. You have a new game coming out. One that features this character. What do you do? What genius decision do you make? You change the voice actor.

That’s right everyone.

This is a David Hayter isn't in MGSV rant.

Stay with me. 

Now before I begin unleashing a can of woop ass on this decision let me explain that it A) could be an elaborate ruse but I highly doubt this as Hayter seems genuinely upset by the whole thing and I don't think he is enough of an arsehole to make it up and B) there were story based reason why this would have been acceptable. These was the fact that Big Boss, as he got older, had a voice change and was acted by Richard Doyle (as seen in MGS4). This would have been fine because Big Boss is getting much older in MGSV. The other story reason is that during the game’s timeline Solid Snake will be alive and if the game spans enough time there is potential for Big Boss and Solid Snake to meet and of course Kojima cant have David Hayter speaking to David Hayter because it would result in a mind shattering split in gaming’s space time continuum. 

The Space Time Continuum!

Any of these reasons would have been totally acceptable but none of these story reasons can be the case because the Japanese voice actor for Solid Snake will be reprising his role. This means that its just a blatant snub at David Hayter. Kojima may argue its because he wanted to freshen things up but why not do it in Japan as well? Hayter has said he feels the Japanese versions are always the priority but its the Western version that has the biggest audience and the most love. 

Kojima runs a business, he is an artist first and foremost yes but he has to make money. So why spit in the face of your largest audience and go out of your way to treat them like second rate citizens? I don't mean to say that he wants to upset us but he has the power to change this and if he doesn't then his reputation will be seriously damaged. 

Don't f*** with the West!

To many people who are only casual MGS fans or perhaps who don't even like this game the level of emotional upset and ensuing uproar is confusing. My girlfriend for instance cannot understand it. The thing is the diehard MGS fans (and there are millions of us) know that Hayter is Snake/Big Boss. He has been for as long as the character has had a voice. He has even grown attached to him himself, writing a script for the film, cutting his pay so the rest of the cast could be used for the Twin Snakes remake etc. Getting rid of Hayter isn't just a voice actor change, its killing off Snake, its erasing a part of people’s lives, like taking away a good friend or family member. Hayter tells stories of fans of Snake crying when they meet him and this is because of how enrapturing his performance is. Snake’s life is a roller-coaster ride, one that, through the medium of Hayter’s voice, we have all shared from his young years to the (almost) end. We have bonded with Snake, bonded with Hayter and the two are inseparable. 

Without Hayter’s gravel ridden voice Snake wouldn't have such an iconic tone. Without Hayter’s skills as an actor the emotions of Snake’s life would not seem so real and the ridiculous plot would not have the element of believability or enjoyability that it makes so incredible. If Hayter leaves then so does Snake. There can be no Snake without Hayter. 

Hayter is Snake. 
They even look kind of similar!

Ultimately the decision belongs to Kojima and I do still believe him to be the greatest game developer of all time but the evidence points to this not being a ruse and to it not being done for story reasons which means that Kojima has made the biggest mistake of his career and one of the biggest mistakes in video game history. The game is still months away and there are numerous petitions and avenues to let your voice be heard so go out after reading this and tell Kojima what a prat he has been. 

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