Monday, 29 April 2013

Electro Bobble Review (PC)

A copy of this game was provided for review by Diado Gaming.

Electro Bobble is an arcade style action platformer developed by independent games studio Diado Gaming who are based here in the UK. The game is a vertically scrolling platformer which focuses heavily on shooting. You progress through the levels, which are randomly generated, by jumping up the numerous platforms, blasting the enemies you come across and then finally facing off against a boss, which in the first level is a thunder cloud. After the boss fight is done you progress onto the next level.

In the game you play as, as the name of the game suggests, a bobble of electricity. You fight various types of opponents, but most of them are fairly nondescript blobs of colour that shoot lines of colour at you. The controls are very basic and responsive and the pace of the game is quick, but not bullet hell quick.

There are a few types of platforms: fake ones, big ones, small ones, moving ones. Having to balance your platforming skills with the intense combat makes for a fun challenge and make no mistake, this game can get very challenging thanks to its fast pace. But the controls are so good that, if you die, you know it's your fault.

Ultimately then this is a fun game to play, the problems with it lie in the sound and visuals department and can make the fun gameplay seem somewhat tedious, which is a shame because otherwise the pace is relentless and exciting. You see, the graphics are very simple, which doesn't have to be a bad thing but here it means that the environments, enemies and your bobble (you can choose its colour) all kind of mesh into one. The colours are vibrant, at times it looks like an acid trip, but ultimately the game is dull to look at. The soundtrack sadly is the same and, after a short while, the game's sounds become repetitive. This gives the game a tedious feel which contradicts its fun gameplay.

Sadly this contradiction takes what could have been a fun time killer and makes it a tedious slog. Also, at £3.99 its very hard not to be aware that on both PC and mobiles/tablets there are many thousands of far cheaper games that can do what this does better and cheaper than Diado Gaming can. Electro Bobble is a good effort, and if it drops in price a bit it is worth your time at lest once or twice but, ultimately, its a pretty average experience.

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