Friday, 5 April 2013

Sorry Women, You Aren't People Yet

Back in her 90s heyday Lara Croft was over the top, over sexualised, caused feminist over reactions and was an all round success. Though many feminist and sexism based criticisms went too far she was undeniably marketed to appeal to the stereotypical, basement dwelling, single male. She spent her time waving two huge guns around, wearing tight vests to show off her gargantuan chest and wore tight shorts to show off her perky arse. She was sexy, smart, dangerous and had a penchant for shooting big animals with big guns. Oh and she was played by Angelina Jolie in the movies.

Every man's dream right? Developers think so. 

In these dark and politically correct times though women need to be portrayed as people. The industry has a horribly sexist image and it is very damaging. Women must be shown to be strong, self dependant, intelligent and, above all, it must be shown that they are not objects. Men must treat women as respectable people, not tits on life support and women must able to relate to these heroines rather than be jealous of their unbelievably good looks. 

This is why the slender, tight clothes wearing Lara was rebooted as the slender tight clothes wearing Lara this year.

This is why Nathan Drake's love interest is a blonde haired, blue eyed reporter who trots around the world hunting for treasure.

This is why Ezio Auditore's wife is a big chested Italian woman who could harm the pants off of the Pope.

This is why- you get the point. 

Game developer's 'attempts' at de-sexualising their heroines and creating the equality loving image that the industry needs are nothing if not half hearted. They talk the talk but its all just smoke and mirrors or, to put it colloquially, bullshit. 

          Do I smell the shit of the bull?

If you want 'real' women then why?

And why?

If these are your idea of 'real' women then why not just Bayonetta it?

About as 'real' as women get in gaming.

These are not real women and are proof that the developers do not really care about real women, they just want to sell games and male sexual fantasies sell games. 

The games industry has been sexist for decades and no one seems prepared to change it. This is why it is not taken seriously. This is why do-gooders and power hungry politicians can spout utter shite about our industry and have it taken as Gospel. Our industry needs to change its image and needs to solve its problems. Sexism is a great place to start so please developers, remember that women are people too and give us real women, not eye candy. 

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  1. Yeah it's a commercial world out there. They just want to sell games.