Friday, 19 April 2013

Wii U First Impressions

As you should all know if you read my post yesterday or the day before I have a Wii U. I got it on Monday and am loving it so I thought I'd do a quick first impressions post today and then, depending on when next week's big system update hits, ill do a full review either on Friday next week or Monday the week after.

First of all the GamePad is superb. Off TV play is a genius idea, my TV is in the lounge and I share it with my partner, if she wants to watch TV I can still play! There must be a market for that alone! The screen is responsive to both fingers and stylus, the ability for a full keyboard makes typing much easier than it is on most consoles and the pad is light and its buttons responsive and its all easy to hold and use. Range wise it's pretty good but it won't go through many walls so you might not be able to play and poo. This is a bit of a shame but most people with a Wii U will probably have a 3DS so it isn't the end of the world.

The console's UI, though currently painfully slow (this will change with next week's update and my review will reflect this), is intuitive and neat. Accessing Miiverse, the eShop and the other features is simple and the key ones such as Miiverse can be accessed whilst in game. The eShop boasts a great lineup which should improve drastically with the arrival of the Virtual Console next week, the Internet browser is great and Miiverse is arguably the console's biggest selling point. Before I get into Miiverse I'd like to say TVii isn't activated in the UK yet so no impressions there.

Miiverse is simply incredible. It is accessible in and out of game and is divided into specific communities, some based on games and others based on more general terms. Playing a game whilst being able to talk to other people who are playing it, offering/receiving advice and just chatiting is incredible. It's even being copied by the PS4 with their own emphasis on social integration.

Of course the most important part of a console is its games. I have ZombiU, Nintendo Land, Punch Out! and Kirby's Adventure (the latter two were part of the NES 30th Anniversary). All of them are great and the GamePad really adds to it all. I'll review each one individually over the next couple of weeks. The important thing is that the Wii U has a great range of games that caters to all tastes and though releases have come slowly there is more than enough to play.

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