Monday, 20 May 2013

Farcry 3: Blood Dragon Review (PS3)

First of all, sorry I haven't done anything on the blog for awhile, I've been very busy with other projects.

Originally I was going to review Far Cry 3, then buy Blood Dragon and review that, however I played Blood Dragon and was so amazed I forgot all about Far Cry 3. I probably will review Far Cry 3 at some point, but at the moment Blood Dragon is more important. Blood Dragon has nothing to do with Far Cry in terms of story, it was purely meant to be something awesome to play and it succeeded in doing that beyond belief, it's the only DLC I've ever played that NEEDS to be turned into its own separate game. The game is based on sci-fi and action films from the 80's and the neon coated world and cyber soldiers make it a game that refuses to take itself seriously, but will still absorb you in an incredible way.

The gameplay of Blood Dragon is a slightly modified version of Far Cry 3. Outposts (now called Garrisons) serve the same purposes (unlocking activities, fast travel and reducing enemy presence in the area), instead of smoke stacks showing the locations of outposts neon beams now shoot into the sky making for an impressive skyline. There are also new ways to liberate outposts, obviously there's just going in and killing everyone yourself but you can also shut off the shields of the outpost (by either using the activation button inside the outpost or blowing up the generators) which attracts nearby Blood Dragons who will proceed to kill everyone (although you do then have to get rid of the Blood Dragon yourself). Instead of levelling up and then spending skill points to unlock new abilities, when you level up you automatically get an ability. To unlock new attachments for your weapons you must complete side missions or find certain amounts of collectibles.

The sound of Blood Dragon is amazing, the main background music is almost an exact replica of the Terminator theme, other music captures the spirit of 80's action/sci-fi/cartoon themes beautifully, a better soundtrack could not be possible for this game. One of the big highlights of the game is the main character of the game, Rex Power Colt, is voiced by Michael Biehn who is arguably the 80s action sci-fi hero.

The graphics of Blood Dragon are quite a sight to behold, if you've played Far Cry 3 imagine that with neon everywhere, cyborgs and mechanical post-apocalyptic wastelands rather than ruins. If you haven't played Far Cry 3 then imagine neon, cyborgs and mechanical post-apocalyptic wastelands, do you really need to hear more?

The story of Blood Dragon is wonderfully cheesy (in a good way), its full of references and predictable but fantastic moments. The story has you play as Rex Power Colt, a Mark IV cyber commando hunting down his old commander from Vietnam War 2 who has gone rouge and completely insane (believing himself to be a god) *cough* Apocalypse Now *cough*.

Usually I have something bad to say about a game at this point and now is no different, there is not enough of this game, there NEEDS to be more. If they made a full game it would be incredible. The great thing about this DLC is you don't need Far Cry 3 to buy and play it, so you don't really have a reason not to buy it. I mean it go buy this game, stop reading this and buy it. BUY IT. NOW!

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