Monday, 13 May 2013

I'm Back - Big Announcement

Right I'm back. Sorry for the break and thank you all for being so patient. 

As I've said before I have a new job for the summer and it takes up most of my time. So what I'm going to do (the big announcement) is only post on Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's. this way I can still post regularly and routinely but I can also guarantee that my writing isn't rushed due to work. Usually these posts will all be written but sometimes there will be a video. Also Alan will occasionally post something though you may have noticed he no longer does this on a weekly basis (I will change this on the About page).

So there you have it, temporarily there will be less posts but they will be just as good if not better than what you are used to. Thank you all for you patience and understanding, the Wii U review will be up very soon. 

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