Friday, 17 May 2013

Lego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles Review (iPhone 5)

Lego: Star Wars The Yoda Chronicles is a game where you play as Yoda and fight through a number of levels as the Jedi master against the Sith. 

Oh wait.

No it isn't. Its a squad based game with light RTS elements because that's what you'd expect from a Star Wars game based around Yoda. 

The game puts you in control of a group of five units, be they AT STs, Clone Troopers or Jedi Knights, or the Sith equivalent if you choose to play as the Sith. During the game you destroy enemies and objects to earn studs and can recruit new units or swap your five for a different set. The game is set during the Clone Wars and follows Yoda's story from that point onwards. It features all of the characters you'd expect as well as the superb soundtrack and effects the series is famous for. Couple this with the usual cutesy, funny Lego style and you have the makings of a great Lego Star Wars game. The only drawback with the premise is you don't directly control characters a la the main Lego Star Wars games. Fortunately though the gameplay is good fun. 

You use simple one touch controls to move, shoot and build and the AI is good enough to not have any issues with path finding. The control system is simple and built for a touch screen, I wish more mobile developers would do this rather than just use virtual buttons. The game is divided into levels based on planets. Each planet consists of a core set of missions as well as some bonus ones that can be accessed via the Lego Star Wars website. Each level features a main objective as well as a number of optional ones, these add to the depth of each mission but by and large the missions boil down simply to killing everything. The missions themselves are usually only a few minutes long, which is perfect for a mobile game. 

The objectives are the usual for this sort of game, escort jobs, base defence jobs and simple destroy everything type jobs. The objectives are stock but keep missions from seeming too repetitive. The repetition sadly comes from the level design. The planets are different from each other but the levels contained within the planets all look disappointingly similar which makes the game seem like a bit of a slog at times. 

Outside of this poor level design though the graphics and art style are great. The usual Lego charm is all present and correct and the game's visuals are crisp and smooth. The framerate holds strong in the bigger fights and everything looks good. The sound is of course brilliant, with the Star Wars license involved it simply has to be. 

Like many free games there is a bit of content still to come via updates, currently there is another planet on its way. The most exciting prospect though is that space battles are going to be added. That fact has the potential to turn this good free game into a great one. 

Whilst this game isn't as good as I was expecting thanks to it not being like other Lego Star Wars games it is still good fun and is very well designed. If you're a Star Wars fan or a 
Lego fan (basically if you have a pulse) then you should definitely check this out.   

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