Friday, 31 May 2013

What Games Need: Skyrim

I love Skyrim, but it does have a lot of problems, most of them are related to glitches and loading screens, however there are some things I think would improve gameplay greatly.

Castle Player Home

This is just something I'd love to see because it would be cool. I've got all the player houses and they are all cool, but admit it none of them suit the grandeur of the Dragonborn, A castle however, yeah we both know you want one.

Dwavern Guns

I saw these as a player made add-on and they were fantastically fun to use and lets be fair it wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination that the Dwarves had some of these being made in one of their large underground factorys.

Dragon Riding You Are Actually Free To Control

I brought Dragonborn recently and was broken hearted when I found out you weren't free to control the dragon you just told it where to go, this was horrible because its not what anybody wanted. Bethesda needs to give you a dragon (that you actually own not a randomly encountered one that you can use for a little while) and allow you to fully control it so you can fly anywhere you want and make you feel like a proper badass that you rightfully should be.

Ordering Items At Shops

This is one I always thought would be helpful, but specifically in Hearthfire could save a hell of a lot of time. Basically what I want is the ability to go into a shop and ask for an item and depending on its rarity it will take a certain period of time, the main benefit of this would be saving you trawling endlessly through every shop in every city trying to get rare items.


A friend of mine wanted mining to be more fulfilling by giving it its own set of perks and having more mines that are dedicated to a certain ore and aren't filled with bandits.

NPC Reset Button

Skyrim is a game packed full of glitches and if there was a way you could reset an NPC to a certain point, then so many of the glitches wouldn't bother you at all. Admittedly done badly this could be used as an exploit, but if the developers could have a way that resets the character only to certain points (say if you kill someone for the Dark Brotherhood you can't revive them or for me personally I could reset my steward Aela back to before she was my steward and get her back from Jorrvaskr, so I wouldn't have to kill her and get someone new) then this would be a fantastic way to make the game better.

Less Loading Screens

I understand a game as big as Skyrim will need a lot of loading screens, but go into a city, loading screen, enter your house, loading screen, exit your house, loading screen, you get the point. It all just gets a bit much especially when there are multiple loading screens in one dungeon.


This is a big one, I don't think there's anyone who's played Skyrim and hasn't thought it would be awesome to play it online. For me personally I'd want it like Red Dead Redemption, with a free roam map exactly like the singleplayer map and matches (such as deathmatch or capture the flag etc) you can join at will.

These are what I could think of off the top of my head so I may update this post at some point with other ideas.

These ideas I think Skyrim could really use and would improve Skyrim to a near perfect status, but is there anything you think I missed or you'd just like to see?

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