Tuesday, 11 June 2013

E3 2013 - Microsoft Press Conference

Wow. Microsoft did it. They showed that the Xbox One is worth a damn. Exclusives like Ryse, Project Spark, Sunset Overdrive and Dead Rising 3 gave us plenty of surprises whilst more details for the awesome looking Quantum Break, as well as a tease for Halo 5, gave us more of what we expected/wanted. The glimmer of hope E3 gave Microsoft just turned into a blinding light. 

And then it was snuffed out.

The Xbox One will cost £429. 



Considering the hardware this is, technically speaking, "reasonable" but that doesn't mean it's not a very high price. Microsoft have a very hard sell and despite some genuinely incredible looking games there is absolutely no way, whether hell freezes over or not, that I would pay that for the Xbox One. Also you have to remember that £429 isn't all you will have to pay. Xbox Live will probably be at least £40 and a game will cost the same if not more. This means you will actually be paying about £509. That's enough to buy a Wii U, a 3DS and a couple of new games for each, with change to spare. 

It remains to be seen what Sony will do pricing wise but certainly Microsoft have not done themselves any favours pricing wise and its really Sony's game now. 

I think the big issue is it seems there will be only one model of Xbox One and it mainly consists of, as a friend of mine out, 'innovations' that nobody wants. Perhaps a kinectless option would be an idea as it should lower the price quite considerably? Also it will be crucial for Microsoft to not do what Nintendo did, which was charge £50 for games rather than the usual £40. I doubt they'll do this though, they have given no indication that they will so it seems unlikely, which means they will further price themselves out of the market.  

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