Friday, 7 June 2013

The World is Not Enough Review (N64)

Everyone who has ever played an N64 has experienced the wonder that is Goldeneye, widely considered to be one of the greatest FPS games of all time. However, there was another Bond game that could rival it in terms of quality and has, arguably, aged better (though personally I still think Goldeneye is great and that’s without nostalgia). That game is Eurocom’s The World is Not Enough.

The World is Not Enough takes the basic look and style of Goldeneye and tweaks it slightly and creates what is an overall awesome game. The straight up shooting sections are identical to those in Goldeneye, even down to the weapons and enemy AI being pretty much the same. Obviously this is a wise move because the firefights in Goldeneye are awesome and the AI is perfectly fine. The changes to this game come from other elements of the gameplay. The first and biggest change comes to the use of stealth. In Goldeneye stealth is only really used for extra objectives that are found in the harder difficulties, meaning easy mode (Agent) is basically just a straight forward run and gun. In TWINE stealth is featured across all of the difficulty levels. This results in a game that is more varied than Goldeneye from the outset. The stealth itself is largely pretty enjoyable but occasionally there can be cheap moments where you are seemingly spotted by absolutely nothing at all. Still this only happens very occasionally so it isn't a huge issue. 

The other difference comes from the vehicle sections. The tank section in Goldeneye was pretty awesome but felt a bit lacking. Sadly there is no speed boat chase in TWINE but there is an awesome skiing level which is done in a very fast paced, on-rails style and is simply amazing. These sections, just like Goldeneye’s tank section, break up the gameplay and keep things fresh but they are done far better in TWINE than they are in Goldeneye. 

The other big change to the single player comes from the voice acting. All of the characters are fully voiced and the script features some lines from the film. Don’t get your hopes up too much though, the script is terrible and the voice actors (who aren't from, the film) do a pretty terrible job for the most part. Still though, its good to see an N64 game with full voice acting. 

Graphics wise the game holds up a little better than Goldeneye. The graphics look pretty similar but the draw distance seems better and there are some pretty cool, albeit brief, cutscenes. 

Of course the thing that made Goldeneye so special was its genre defining multiplayer. Wisely TWINE simply sticks to the same formula and, of course, the multiplayer is bloody awesome. Classic modes like deathmatch return, there’s the usual cast of characters and playing it with a few friends provides unrivaled fun. There really isn't much to say here, its the classic experience that you’d expect from a follow up to Goldeneye. 

Although TWINE did not take the FPS genre forward in the same way that GOldeneye did it is in many ways the superior game, with better controls, graphics, sound and level design. It will never be the classic that Goldeneye is but its still a must buy for any N64 fan. 

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