Monday, 5 August 2013

Is Fanboyism Bad?

My name is Rob and I am a fanboy.

Fanboy. In the gaming world this word is equivalent to outside world terms like pedophile, rapist or murderer. It is a term that means that that person is not to trusted, befriended or interacted with in any way shape or form lest they attack you in some way. The fact is, this is a bastardised meaning of the term. The term simply means you have a clear preference, not that you are full of vitriolic hatred for all things that aren't your particular preference. Take me for example, I spent years as a Sony fanboy and now I'm a Nintendo fanboy. I enjoy other systems but the majority of my collection is Nintendo based and the majority of my time is spent playing Nintendo systems. Ask me who the best company is in the games industry and without hesitation i'll answer that its Nintendo and i'll give you a passionate and solid argument for why I'm right. 

Mainly because 'ur jus a fag noob and ur mum got da Xbone'.


Anyway... Fanboyism is considered to be like my above example, hate filled, incoherent nonsense. However, the majority of fanboys are actually like me, passionate fans who aren't afraid of other ideas or opinions but just have our personal preferences. We don't harm anyone, in fact our debates play a large part in the gaming industry. Take away fanboys and companies would not need to compete so strongly, potentially resulting in a lack of risks and evolution. Would Microsoft have bothered with Kinect or SmartGlass if Nintendo hadn't done similar things first? Would Sony have worked so hard to improve the PSN for PS4 if Microsoft hadn't made Xbox Live so compelling? Possibly not, and it could be argued that fanboys play a part in these decisions. After all, consumers create the demand, the manufacturers are just offering out the supply. 

Of course some fanboys are arseholes, but that's all they are: just arseholes. They rant and rave in front of their computer screen or at gaming events and all they do is spread negativity. The simple fact is: arseholes exist, we need to except this and learn to accept Fanboyism. We must see them as separate and distinct and learn to live with both. If I went into a gaming forum and described myself as a Nintendo fanboy people would write me off as an idiot because they feel Fanboyism is bad. Well it isn't. Fanboyism is good, it gives passion to the industry, helps create competition, love for what we do and the desire to innovate and improve. It's partly the reason you read blogs like this, to find out about the games and companies you like. 

It's the arseholes who are bad, not the fanboys. So next time you see an arsehole, call him/her that, not a fanboy. Fanboy needs to become a word with positive connotations, arsehole a word with negative ones. I'm a fanboy and I'm not afraid to admit it. I want this to the the case for all gamers. So lets get to it. 


  1. I think each passing generation is becoming more and more sensitive to any name calling. So if someone calls you a "fanboy" it's automatically assumed to be negative. I agree with your article! Being a fanboy simply means you have a preference. I believe anyone that calls someone a fanboy, is a fanboy themselves. Why are they so defensive about it?