Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Will My Loyalty Be Enough?

The other day I was in Game looking at Wii U games and discovered, to my horror, that new releases are still priced at £49.99 rather than the usual £39.99! Now after checking online some sites adhere to this whilst others are cheaper but my problem is I very often can't afford to pre order games and so will pick them up in shops, usually Game. If new games like Watch Dogs and ACIV are priced so high on the Wii U then my loyalty may not be enough and I may be forced to turn to other systems.

Has anyone noticed this or is it perhaps just my local Game?


  1. Don't shop at game m8 ,

    1. Yeah that sounds like a good idea lol. Got Pikmin 3 from Amazn rather than Game, so much cheaper!