Monday, 14 October 2013

Disney Infinity Review - Wii U

Disney Infinity attempts to accomplish something that is very ambitious. It's goal is to capture the childhood imagination used when bringing toys to life and put that same imagination into a game. This is why you purchase toys to unlock more content within the game. The game makes the toys come to life. The first thing you need to do with this game is forget about Skylanders, it is a completely different beast to Skylanders. 

The starter kit comes with Jack Sparrow, Mr. Incredible and Sully. This gives you access to three story modes (called play sets) as well as the creative Toy Box mode. The Toy Box can be enjoyed co-operatively on a local level right away but to do the same in the story requires two characters from that play set, Mike and Sully for example. Fortunately online play is available from the outset. The play sets each last around four hours and provide a story mode for each character, taking inspiration from their established franchises. The Pirates of the Caribbean one is a third person action-adventure, Mr. Incredible's is an open world super hero game and Sully's is mainly a stealth game. The play sets are easy to beat but are well written, presented, paced and designed. They provide a fun alternative to creating and allow you to unlock new items to use in the Toy Box. Anyone looking for a challenge will be disappointed but it's still great fun and it really looks and feels like a toy world brought to life. 

The Toy Box is where the real fun is to be had though. The Toy Box allows you to create your own worlds and games and also to share your creations and enjoy other people's. You start off with a basic set of toys which is enough to have some fun with and then through the various challenges, feats and play sets you unlock more tools. The inventory of toys and terrain is displayed on the GamePad, which speeds up the whole process because you don't have to open a separate menu every time you want to build something. The possibilities really are endless and after my first go I had made a race course, an action/adventure game and a maze/platformer. If you aren't feeling very creative then you can share other people's Toy Boxes and see what else has been made. My only issue with the Toy Box is that there is no undo button, instead you have to switch from being your chosen toy to a spark, which takes time. Then you delete the object and wait to shift back to build mode. It all seems pointless because if build mode simply had an undo button it would be much quicker. Still, this is only a minor problem. 

Graphically the game captures it's aim pretty well. The characters do look like living toys and the worlds are vibrant and vast and all have the feeling that they are taken straight from the films people love. It's not going to win any awards but it is certainly a good looking game. The soundtrack is also brilliant, making full use of the sort of music you expect from Disney, it really adds to the overall feel of the game in a great way. 

Disney Infinity won't please anyone who wants a challenging single player experience and it won't please anyone who wants a world building experience as deep as Minecraft but it will meet the wishes of any Disney fan and it is great fun and really does offer endless possibilities. If you have even a remote interest in Disney or in creating your own worlds then it is definitely worth trying Disney Infinity.

Verdict: There are plenty of minor niggles but all in all it delivers on its promise of endless fun and infinite possibilities. 

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  1. Sounds interesting, esp. due to the illusion of toys come to life. I'm a really big fan of Disney and this is the first time I read about Infinity.