Monday, 28 October 2013

Pokemon Y Review - 3DS

Pokemon Y is one of the two new Pokemon games released by Game Freak. Y is set in a new region (Kalos) and has lots of new changes that radically alter the usual format of Pokemon games while retaining the classic Pokemon feel. Y also features a few changes from Pokemon X (which Rob has already reviewed) such as a different legendary Pokemon called Yveltal and different Mega Evolution skins.

The largest change in Y to previous Pokemon games is that it is set in a completely new region called Kalos, which while similar to previous regions provides a fresh new world for you to explore. Another prominent change is the new form of evolution, Mega Evolution, unlike normal evolution Mega Evolution only activates during a battle and is deactivated once the battle finishes, I chose Charizard as my first Mega Evolved Pokemon and the Y Mega Evolution for him which increases the size of his wings and adds more horns to his head and limbs. In battle my Mega Evolution uses the drought ability which increases the power of all fire type moves.

Not far into the game your character receives skates which are activated any time you use the analog stick instead of the dpad and are used for quick movement, a nice little touch added for the skates is the ability to do tricks on them such as flips or spins and while providing no actual practical use it's still a nice touch. X and Y also feature a new Pokemon type, the Fairy type, which has caused some reworking of the types that are most effective against each other, the games also feature a fairy gym. A thing I really loved about the game was the gyms as each gym was customised to suit its leader such as a climbing tower for the rock gym or a spiders web for the bug gym. One of the best little things Game Freak have added is that capturing a Pokemon finally produces exp. for your Pokemon at the end of the fight. They also introduced the Exp. Share item which is in the key items bag and can be turned on and off at will, the item gives the Pokemon that won the battle full exp and all other Pokemon in your party get half the amount of the exp. The game also features some extra modes for the touch screen (most of which I haven't tried out) the one I have tried is called Pokemon Amie and allows you to play with your Pokemon and feed them treats and allows you to make your Pokemon more affectionate towards you, which in turn makes them more effective. 

A new trading and battling interface has been introduced but i'll let Rob explain that in his review as he has more experience in it, however I will mention O-Powers, a new set of ability's that are used to boost certain stats (such as Power, Defence, Etc) and can be levelled to make them more effective, they can be used on any friends, passersby or yourself. One of the things I really loved about Y was the emphasis on playing the game how you want to, its great how you can decide when you've completed the game from beating the Pokemon Champion or just finishing the "main story line" or collecting all the Pokemon.

Pokemon Y's graphics have been massively improved and yet still retain the same Pokemon feel. One of the biggest improvements is that the game is now in 3D which looks really cool especially during battles as it gives the impression of an actual field of battle rather than just animated portraits of the Pokemon. 

The music of Y is also great, great each area has its own theme as always and all suit the area they're for perfectly. One problem I did find is that the sounds the Pokemon make are very digitised and still sound quite 8 bit.

The story of Y is fantastic and focuses mainly on the themes of how one persons/groups actions may seem extreme or evil to others but seem reasonable to the party in question and that although the methods are questionable the motives are pure, it also uses the theme of overpopulation and diminishing resources as a driving force behind the events of the story.

Pokemon Y is an incredible game and has so few flaws and the ones it does have are very small. Usually I find it hard to play my 3DS for a long time, But with Pokemon Y I couldn't put it down, everything else was eclipsed and I haven't felt that with a Pokemon game since Red. I honestly think this is the best Pokemon game that has been made yet, if Red didn't have so much nostalgia for me, I think that Y would easily be my favourite. 

By Alan Wright 

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