Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Best Console From The Last Generation

More so this generation than any other I've been part of, it's hard for me to pick my favourite console. The Wii was certainly the most innovative, important and impactful as it bought the casual market into play and helped make motion controllers work in a popular way. The PS3 had a constant supply of exciting exclusives and PlayStation Plus gave you tons of great games. Then there's the 360, with it's achievement system, fantastic online service and it's fair share of great exclusive games. 

All three consoles were great in their own way and I am fortunate enough to have owned them all but I have to pick a favourite and, gun to my head, I think I have to say its the Xbox. It's exclusives can't match the PS3's and Kinect was an irritating attempt at replicating the Wii's success but at the end of the day it provided a great mix of games, often it's 3rd party games out performed Sony's and exclusives like Gears of War were genre defining. Add to this it's vastly superior online service and it's impossible for me to not declare it the best of the three consoles. 

Generally speaking I have always favoured Sony, these days I am leaning more and more towards Nintendo. But this last generation has given me countless fond memories of the Xbox and it's games. I remember playing split screen, online Gears of War with my friend, who was ridiculously good with a sniper. I remember countless hours spent playing Team Deathmatch on Halo 3. I remember earning the Beans, Bullets, Bandages achievement on Battlefield: Bad Company and getting so good at that game that I was always in the top three players at the end of the round.  

The special thing with this generation is that I've grown up with it. I was a child when it began and it carried through my teenage years and now into adulthood. During the life of these consoles I have finished school and college, gone into university, had my first love, moved away from my parents and met and lost countless friends. I can remember key points in my life and I can tell you what game I associate with them. When I started going out with my first girlfriend, it was Fallout 3, when I moved away from my parents I revisited Assassin's Creed 1 and when I started university I was playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution. 

I don't think this generation of consoles has necessarily been the best, but it's the one I remember fondest and it's Microsoft and their console that have given me most of the memories of it. So, fanboyism aside, and simply taking into account my experiences, the best console of this last generation was the Xbox 360. 

Of course the most exciting thing is that this generation is far from dead. Next year has some exciting new games like Titanfall and Dark Souls 2 and the online services and more iterative franchises probably have two, three or even more years left in them. So although I've already made the jump to the next gen with my Wii U, the memories of this gen are far from being finished. 

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  1. For all gamers there is much to choose from

    "More so this generation than any other I've been part of, it's hard for me to pick my favourite console."

    Is choice good - well yes it has to be