Monday, 18 November 2013

Usain Bolt Loves Call of Duty

I've often said that gaming needs more positive role models and recently Usain Bolt revealed that he loves Call of Duty. Call of Duty has a lot of haters but is undoubtedly one of the most well known games and for someone as respected and admired as Usain Bolt to say he is a fan is no small victory for us gamers. Too often games like that are said to cause all manner of delinquencies but I wouldn't call Usain a delinquent. 

In a recent interview he said he plays the game almost every night but doesn't reveal who he is. He recalled a night where someone said they couldn't kill him because he was as fast as Usain Bolt, Usain said he couldn't stop laughing. 

He says he often stays up until 1AM playing the game. I wonder if I or any of you have ever shot at the man? 

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  1. Now that's a thought

    "I wonder if I or any of you have ever shot at the man?"