Wednesday, 18 December 2013

I'm Buying An Xbox One

As any of you regulars will know, I've owned a Wii U since the end of April this year, so I've been part of the new fangled current gen for quite a while now. I love my Wii U to bits and thinks its a fantastic console, one that provides great games and innovates in some genuinely interesting ways but, sadly, it's third party support is lacking. It's not guaranteed that franchises like Assassin's Creed will come to the console and games like battlefield already skip it so I want to get another of the new consoles to fill that gap in my gaming tastes. 

Though the PS4 looks to be a fantastic console (one I fully intend to buy), after their 180 and the announcement of games like Titanfall, D4, Halo, Ryse, Killer Instinct, Quantum Break and Project Spark, the Xbox One is currently more appealing to me. The controller is miles better in terms of comfort and design and the exclusives appeal to me more than Sony's, also Sony's refusal to stand by their franchises in the way Nintendo and Microsoft do irritates me. Too many classic franchises have been lost, just when I got into Jak and Daxter, or Sypro or Crash Bandicoot either the rights were lost or the teams moved on to new things. I like new things but I also like to know what I'm getting. 

Essentially what I'm saying is I own a Wii U, in a few months I'll own an Xbox One and at some point after that I'll own a PS4 as well, so keep an eye out for lots more reviews and coverage of the current generation in general. 

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